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We are building the largest building market on the island.

Genç Yapı Market has succeeded to be a pioneer in its sector with its innovative vision and corporate structure. Providing services to Northern Cyprus with a wide product portfolio consisting of construction materials, hardware, hand tools, paints, ceramics, bathrooms, sanitary ware, home decoration materials, Genç Yapı Market constantly follows the latest developments in technology and the sector and offers quality products at affordable prices.

The company, which recently renewed its branches and strengthened it with the technological infrastructure, is now building the largest island. The new Genc Yapi Market, which is located on a 4000m2 closed area on the New Nicosia Alaykoy Ring Road in Kermiya, will be 5.000 m2. The project consists of 4,000 m2 steel structure and 1,000 m2 reinforced concrete basement. The giant construction market is planned to be put into service in the last quarter of the new year.

Genc Yapi Market Kermiya plans to expand its product range further and aims to provide the needs of the relevant consumers at a single point with reasonable prices. This huge project, which will contribute to Nicosia economically, is expected to create serious employment in the region.

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