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60 Years of Industry Experience

In our stores that offer a comfortable shopping environment with modern design, 30.000 products that you can supply all the needs of your workplace and home at an affordable price are offered to our customers. With our technical service department, we provide after-sale service of the machines sold.

With its professional and friendly staff, reliability, honesty, sincerity, continuous innovation and development are our basic principles. REALIZE YOUR HOME by shopping from the most established building market chain in Northern Cyprus.

+90 392 444 43 62


Why U.S?

Wholesale and retail

In addition to retail sales in Genç Yapı Markets, there is also a service network that makes wholesale distribution to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus market.

Wide Product Portfolio

Genç Yapı Market is the distributor of many valuable brands in Northern Cyprus and offers more than 30000 product types.

Corporate Service

Genc Yapi Market, which grows day by day with its experience and innovative vision from its past, is an Ilkay M. Genc Ltd. Company.

Grocery Chain

With its experience and innovative vision from the past, Genç Yapı Market provides services to all parts of Northern Cyprus with its stores in Famagusta, Nicosia and Kyrenia.

Quality Products

Genç Yapı Market offers quality products to Northern Cyprus with its strong supplier network formed with the advantage of being in the sector for many years.

60 Years of Trust

Genc Yapi Market, which has guided the sector in every period, has succeeded to be the locomotive of the sector by continuously renewing and developing for 60 years.

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Today we can tell you, thanks to your passion, hard work creativity, and expertise, you delivered us the most beautiful house ever! It's been a beautiful ride, there's up and down's, frustrations, delays at the same time great looks. keep touch with them.


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Genç Yapı Market is a place where I can find all kinds of construction materials at affordable prices. I've been shopping for years, this structure gives confidence to the market. Being one of the well-established companies of Cyprus, product quality is above the standards and reasonable prices are the main reasons why I prefer Genç Yapı Market.

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We are building the largest building market on the island.

Genç Yapı Market has succeeded to be a pioneer in its sector with its innovative vision and corporate structure. North Cyprus, construction materials, hardware, hand tools, paint, ceramic, bathroom, sanitary ware, home decoration materials consisting of ...

Construction Market sector in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean, which many local and foreign tourists prefer for their holidays. The most important income comes from tourism in the region known by the full name of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus ...

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