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Cyprus Building Materials

Many building materials are used in construction works. Constructions are also divided into rough and fine work. The company that will do the job must provide the building materials before starting the job. Construction building materials differ in their field. There are many types of brick, gas concrete, ceramic, cement. Materials are selected according to the work done in building materials. Usually gypsum, cement and iron materials are used more often. However, it is useful to be careful in the selection of materials. Each material varies according to the quality of the company.


Iron is the most widely used material in the construction sector. It can be used with reinforced concrete, concrete and steel and provides pressure stress. Main material is kept with iron. Many sectors, including the automobile and construction sectors, are also preferred.


It is a very preferred material in the field. It is also used alone. When cement is mixed with aggregate and water, it shows volume stability for a long time to be maintained for sufficient time.

Among the building materials, gypsum is a substance obtained by evaporating half of the commercially available gypsum. Gypsum is generally used in the manufacture of plaster for walls such as ceilings and interior panels.  

Plaster thickness varies between 2-2.5 cm. Lightweight aggregate is used to provide sound insulation.

The choice of building materials can also be supplied from the companies. Supply should be made as much as the product to be used. A form must be kept for the materials purchased in construction companies.

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