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Construction Market sector in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean, which many local and foreign tourists prefer for their holidays. Even though tourism is the most important source of income in the region known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, there are also institutions from different sectors. As a matter of fact, one of them is our company which is one of the first companies that come to mind in the field of construction market.

Since the construction sector has been one of the locomotive sectors since the war years, it is an important sector for the country as much as tourism. All products that are needed in the very wide scope of the building sector are in our company. Sometimes these products can be used at home, for hobby purposes or depending on other needs. Therefore, construction market products should not be considered only in connection with the construction sector.

About Product Groups

If you need to give information about the product groups of our company, the main product titles that we sell are as follows: Building materials that appeal to all kinds of expectations. Iron and steel materials with different properties. Paint of all types and features. Wood products, installation materials. Any kind of hardware material imaginable. Products needed for gardens. Bathroom and ceramic tiles. Furniture. Hand tools, auto accessories, lighting and electrical materials, decoration materials can be called. Besides, amateur and professional machines.

Why Work with Us?

When you look at the scale of Cyprus in general, our country is the oldest building market company and has a history of 60 years. In other words, it is one of the oldest companies in Cyprus. Today, we have become the company with the most product range. Turkey is also very important brands sold in our company. As an institution that imports from 15 countries and works with 150 different companies, we are capable of responding to all expectations with an institutional structure.

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